West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

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To make our Vision and mission a reality the WBBSE has set some objectives:-

  • To provide secondary education to all, both boys and girls, with a focus on quality education that assumes greater meaning today, when we consider the emerging challenges in our society.
  • To promote and develop the aspects of secondary education in the state of West Bengal and to fulfill the educational aspirations of the students of the state.
  • To act as an advisory organ to state government on the matter of scientific advancement of secondary education consistent with the National goals.
  • To define appropriate approaches of academic activities to ensure joyful, child centric and holistic quality education to all children.
  • To frame norms for implementation of various academic activities including quality issues; to control and coordinate various academic and training programmes of the board.
  • To take steps to recognize High Schools, especially girls high schools so that girls and those from far flung areas get access to secondary education after completion of primary education.
  • To frame curricula and syllabi in consonance with the rapid changes in the socio economic milieu of the country and in conformity with psychological , pedagogical and social principles.
  • To organize capacity building and empowerment programmes to update and upgrade the professional competency of the teaching community.
  • To collect feedback from different stakeholders with a view to monitoring the quality of education imparted in schools.
  • To encourage schools to document the progress of students in a teacher and student friendly way.
  • To prescribe and update conditions of examinations and conduct secondary examination, better known as Madhyamik Pariksha , after the completion of class X, which is the first public examination in a student’s life.
  • To frame rules in order to ensure smooth transparent democratic and disciplined management of the schools recognized by the board.
  • By virtue of its position in the middle tier, WBBSE strives to harmonise, coordinate and link up the activities of WBBPE and WBCHSE as Secondary education serves as a link between the elementary and higher education, and plays a very important role in this respect.
  • To make it people-friendly and to easily reach out to every stakeholder through maximum digitization of records and services; the day is not far away when the services of the board will only be a click away. The day has come when the board is only a click away.

Prime Focus of the Board

  • Innovation of teaching learning methodologies by devising student friendly and student centric paradigms, keeping in mind the socio-cultural and economic background of the students.
  • Giving freedom to new experiment with new ideas and practices.
  • Regularly updating and upgrading the pedagogical and professional skills of the teachers by conducting in-service training programmes and workshops, etc.
  • Time to time reforms in examination and evaluation systems.
  • To ensure 100% enrollment and retention of students till they pass out MP(S E) with desired learning outcomes.